Investment Scam Recovery

Investment Scam Recovery​

At Wealth Recoup, we help corporations and individuals to recover their losses from all manner of investment scams. Every scam is different and every client is different, which is why we take a unique approach to each and every case. Unlike law enforcement, our priority is to first and foremost recover your assets. While we believe stopping and convicting cyber-criminals is of high importance, from our experience, the moment they feel they have caught the attention of law enforcement we know they quickly move on to another scam.


Personal Investment Scam Recovery

Investments scams are carefully orchestrated to be highly attractive and complicated enough to disguise the fact that many things don’t add up. Have you been lured into a complex investment scheme while pursuing your objective of growing your personal wealth? Many people fall victim to the chance of investing into products that don’t require specific expertise.

Corporate Scam Recovery


Has your firm recently engaged with a counterparty that didn’t follow-through with their obligations and in hindsight, you realized they never intended to deliver on their commitments? This is a common situation in business today. Anyone can set up a company while concealing their identity via a complex structure and nominee directors. Our cyber-forensic data recovery team can trace the true owners and actual beneficiaries of the investment scam.