Assets Recovery


Assets Recovery

Asset recovery requires two facets: a well-informed methodology and the ability to deliver. Wealth Recoup partner with a global network of intelligence-led sources to locate and recover concealed assets. Our agents track, trace and recover assets to support litigation, recover capital lost to investment fraud through to deciphering complex international corporate structures including money laundering activities and offshore holdings. When required we conduct investigations on a seamless white label basis.

Working at the forefront of global intelligence

Our unique contacts across international intelligence agencies enable Wealth Recoup to access resources not available to mainstream recovery agents. We work at the forefront of global intelligence gathering and have both the methodology and resource to recover what it rightfully yours.
We provides asset searches for judgement collection, litigation, probate, and financial recovery from fraudulent schemes. With industry-leading expertise we help our clients ‘see below the surface’ to find hidden assets that might otherwise be missed.

What We Offer

Wealth Recoup asset searches:

  • leaves no trace of our investigations
  • have the ability to conduct cross-border intelligence gathering
  • determine the validity of pursuing a legal case
  • trace witnesses to gather statements to support legal cases
  • produce a cost benefit analysis by defining which investigative steps are likely to succeed
  • recover assets as part of post-judgement enforcement
  • identify and locate assets associated with employee or corporate embezzlement
  • pursue assets that are transferred internationally and across jurisdictions
  • conduct asset searches and recovery in accordance with country-specific business frameworks and law
  • Having direct access to both Interpol and The FBI’s Art Crime Unit, Wealth Recoup has a specialist asset trace and recovery department.